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How to Choose the Right Booster for My Mobile Device

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can choose the right booster, since there are lots of options in the market today. Yes, it can be confusing for first-time shoppers to tell exactly what they need because most advertisements are too good to be true. It is highly recommended to read reviews before purchasing anything to avoid wasting money on something that won’t work for you. By reading reviews and knowing the specifications of the boosters around you, it will be easier to buy what you need.

Home and Office Kits

For those who have basic signal amplifying needs, home and office signal boosting kits are recommended. They are not as strong as those used in large buildings, but they can help a lot in increasing 2G, 3G and 4G signals for personal usage. They work best for families living in condominiums, those who are using small Wi-Fi devices and people who live in houses that deflect signals from service towers.

Large Building Kits

Large building kits work the same as home and office kits, but they can rebroadcast stronger signals. They are made to benefit more people, particularly in big industries. It surely is difficult to attract clients when you are unable to communicate with them efficiently, thus, most facilities use large kits to avoid signal interference.

Vehicle Kits

Sometimes, mobile phone signals get weak when driving down the road. For this, there are kits that can be installed easily in vehicles so users can get better coverage while on the go. This can reduce dropped calls and prevent choppy signals that usually distract drivers when using their hands-free devices in their vehicles.

Frequency Bands

If you are new to signal repeaters, you have to be more patient when doing your research so you would know what things you should look for. One important thing that you can keep in mind about signal repeaters is frequency band. Frequency bands are not music bands that you see playing on music channels, but radio electromagnetic spectrum used in most telecommunication devices and radio communication devices. The higher the frequency is, the better signal you can get. You don’t have to memorize all the frequency ranges in the market. Just compare the numbers and units and you can tell which signal boosters can give you better coverage.

Wilson Cell Phone Booster

Now that you know the various types of signal boosting kits in the market, it’s time to look for brands that you can trust. To save you from hassles, here is a quick review about a recommended cell phone booster brand in the market, Wilson Signal Booster.

Wilson Signal Booster offers various kits to cater to different kinds of users. If you will look into Wilson Antenna models, you’ll realize that the options that they have are better than most companies in the market. Most of their repeaters can be used for multiple networks, so you can still use whatever you purchase from them if you change your service provider.

Another great thing about Wilson is the way they have setup their website. It’s very easy to use, plus, they acknowledge the fact that some buyers are looking for kits on a budget. They have devices for as low as $100, for those who are looking for pocket-friendly options and items that range from $400 and above for those who have bigger signal-boosting needs.

Bad Reception Causes

Keep in mind that there are heaps of reasons why cell phone signals go bad. Getting a signal booster can definitely help you, but you also have to open your mind to other possibilities why you are getting poor reception. Apart from being far from the network tower and living in a place where there are tall buildings surrounding your home, there are instances where hardware issues prevent any phone from getting good network coverage. In such cases, you may want to address the hardware issue first and get the signal boosting device after to ensure that you can get better reception whenever you need it.